Innerlight Blue - Non-Invasive Laser & LED Light Therapy
Innerlight Blue - Non-Invasive Laser & LED Light Therapy  

The Innerlight Blue Filtering, Alkalizing, Ionizing and  Negative Hydrogen and Photon Light Generating Water Bottle

The Ultimate Water Bottle
What Does it Do?


1) Filters and Cleans the water of all inpurities

2) Alkalizes the water up to a 9.5 pH.

3) Ionizes the water up to -220 mV.

4) Infuses photon light of ultra blue, ultra green and infra-red to eradicate bacteria, yeast, mold and parasites.

5) Generates reduced hydrogen for neutralizing acidic waste from the environment, from food, from toxic air, from stinkin thinkin, and from cellular metabolism.

6) Replaces the need for purchasing from the store filtered or alkaline bottled water.

7) Great for emergencies when you are NOT certain of the quality of the water you want to drink.

8) You can recharge your rechargeable water bottle from any USB port.

9) The perfect water purification and alkalization  system for emergency preparedness.  Make it part of your 72 hour emergency preparedness pack.



Key Health Benefits of Innerlight Blue Water Bottle

Removes harmful free metabolic, environmental, respiratory and dietary acids from your body thereby protecting YOUR Health!


The InnerLight Blue Intelligent Water Bottle


Main features of the Innerlight Blue Intelligent Water Bottle


Battery capacity: 1000mAH
Capacity: 500ml
Cup material: Eastman Tritan made in the USA
Cup material anti-aging, hydrolysis resistance, high-temperature resistance, resistance to fall, easy to clean
Material of the products do not contain plasticizers
Titanium platinum electrolytic electrode, high-efficiency electrolysis, long operating life
Reduced Hydrogen content 800 PPB
ORP negative potential -220 mHz
pH: 8.5 to 10 pH depending on the source water
Lithium batteries, long battery operation life
Electrolysis process has hydrogen bubbles and LED Blue light structuring
Electrolysis process without noise
After the end of the electrolysis automatically shuts off
Drinking Volume: 1.5 – 2L per day
Water temperature: At room temperature 15-20 0C
Drinking program: 6-8 times a day with a glass of 150-200ml at a time.
Removes harmful free metabolic, respiratory, environmental and dietary acids from the blood and interstitial fluids
Improves cellular health and immune support and protection
Enhances better nutrient absorption in the body
Better hydration of the body cells due to the small water cluster size
Increased blood and lymphatic circulation
Helps to lower saturated fat levels


A wonderful gift for the Holiday Season that will keep on giving for 5 years or more.


This unique alkalizing reduced hydrogen generating photon light infused and purification water bottle is easy to use and easy to carry with you where ever you go.


Retail Price: $299

Black Friday and Holiday Season Price: $199

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