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Innerlight Blue - Non-Invasive Laser & LED Light Therapy
Innerlight Blue - Non-Invasive Laser & LED Light Therapy  

Innerlight Blue Multi-LED Steam Shower & Jacuzzi

Product Description

For a complete home spa experience, the  Innerlight Blue Multi-LED Steam Shower & Jacuzzi provides a seamless combination of shower enclosure, steam shower and hydro massage whirlpool bathtub all within the same cabin. In addition, the  Innerlight Blue Multi-LED Steam Shower & Jacuzzi features 12" digital TV, touchscreen control panel, bluetooth compatibility, 5KW steam generator & thermostatically controlled water temperature amongst other features. The unique transparent window at the front of the bathtub makes the  Innerlight Blue Multi-LED Steam Shower & Jacuzzi a modern addition to any bathroom.


The  Innerlight Blue Multi-LED Steam Shower & Jacuzzi Features

The Innerlight Blue Multi-LED Steam Shower & Jacuzzi combination steam shower with jetted tub is our most popular fully loaded combination steam shower. The Innerlight Blue Multi-LED Steam Shower & Jacuzzi adds art-tinted glass and heavy duty stainless steel hinged doors and fixtures. Featuring 12" digital TV, Bluetooth compatible, touchscreen control panel, 10 acupuncture jets, 16 whirlpool jets and a high efficiency 5KW steam engine, the Innerlight Blue Multi-LED Steam Shower & Jacuzzi is designed to greatly increase your spa experience. Indulge yourself in a state of complete relaxation and tranquility with the many features the Innerlight Blue Multi-LED Steam Shower & Jacuzzi has to offer.


12" inch Digital LCD TV: Adds excitement, delivering live entertainment.


Whirlpool Bathtub: 2 headrests and an arrangement of 16 jets are located for a powerful hydro massage.


Whirlpool Heater: Keep your Whirlpool Bathtub Heated which keeps the water at a constant temprature.


Acupressure Massage: There are 6 back massage jets and 4 body jets inside the Steam Shower Unit.


Touchscreen LCD Control Display: Turns on/off the power, lights, fan, radio, etc.


Aromatherapy: Simply place solid or liquid aromatherapy scents during use for wellness benefits.


Ozone Sterilization System: Kills bacteria and viruses, allowing the next use to be germ free.


Bluetooth / MP3 Compatible: Accept and make phone calls and play your favorite music using the bluetooth compatible control panel.


Fog Free Mirror: Stay fog free in the steamiest conditions.


Foot Massage: Puts mechanical force and hydro pressure together.


Fluorescent Mood Lighting: Two sets of lighting adding romance, and mood lifting capabilities.


Hands Free Telephone: Accept incoming calls with an integrated Hands Free Telephone.


5KW Steam Sauna: Quickly produces steam helping you increase blood circulation, detoxify, and feel relaxed.

Underwater LED Lights: Two sets of lighting adding romance, and mood lifting capabilities.


Hand Grips: You can easily sit and stand inside the Steam Shower using the hand grips.


Two Handheld Adjustable Shower heads: Couples can enjoy the Steam Shower together.


Pedal Drain: Simply push down on the pedal drain with your foot popping up the drain to drain water.

Waterfall Inlet: Offers a soothing sound of water falling gently for relaxation effect.


Emergency Alarm: With one push of a button, a loud alarm rings out for help.


Rainfall Ceiling Shower: Surrounded with blue fluorescent lighting giving a tropical rainfall experience.

Water-Resistant Remote Control: Operates features of the unit.


FM Radio and Audio Frequency Input: You can tune into your favorite FM stations.


Surround Sound Speakers: Integrated with the Telephone, MP3/Radio and TV.


Ventilation Fan: Keeps heat and air density at a desirable level inside the Steam Shower.

Automatic Safety shutoff: During overheats, the unit will automatically turn-off to protect the user.
Storage Shelves: Designed with spacious storage shelves available for shampoo, soap, etc.



64” W x 64” D x 88” H


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