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Innerlight Blue - Non-Invasive Laser & LED Light Therapy
Innerlight Blue - Non-Invasive Laser & LED Light Therapy  

Innerlight Blue Multi-Light Eye Mask

The World’s 1st Multi-Light Eye, Forehead and Neck Therapy Mask with LED Lights, Massage, Sound, Infrared Heat and Acupressure Therapy

Providing extraordinary solutions for the tender care and well-being of your eyes.  The Innerlight Blue Light Eye Therapy Mask is the World's 1st eye, forehead and neck massager with multi-light, sound, infrared and acupressure therapy.  It is a new generation product that utilizes scientifically-proven Photon Dynamic  Light Therapy (PDT), sound therapy, far-infrared therapy, airbag and vibrational massage therapy with acupressure to help relieve and/or reverse eye sight problems, blurred vision, red eyes, sore eyes, itchy eyes, headaches, insomnia, eye bags, sagging skin, wrinkles and everyday eye fatigue.  You can also use the Innerlight Blue Light Eye Therapy Mask to treat the forehead, top of the head, back of the head and neck with light, sound, infrared heat, massage and acupressure.

6 Eye-dazzling features for bright and beautiful eyes


The Innerlight Blue Light Eye Mask combines airbag, vibration, soothing warm air with scientifically-proven sound therapy, light therapy and eye, forhead and neck massage to help relieve everyday eye fatigue for clear bright and healthy eyes.

  1. Vibration massage revitalizes eyes for lively and energized looking eyes.
  2. Soothing air provides soothing warmth that helps to improve circulation for mesmerizing eyes.
  3. Delicate eye area is best massaged by gentle airbags that can soothe strained muscles.
  4. Temple massage can relieve eye fatique and provide beautifying effects, such as lifting and firming.
  5. Eye bag massage uses airbag compressions to help ease the appearance of puffy eyes and dark circles under the eyes.
  6.  Rejuvenates the eyes from the harmful side-effects of electro-magnetic radiation emitted from daily computer and cell phone use.

Innerlight Blue Head  Neck & Eye Massager

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