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Discover all the benefits of the Multi-Light Photon Dynamic Therapy from Innerlight Blue

How PDT LED Works

PDT LED skincare beauty equipment uses the light on the dynamic response of the skin treatment and the application of the latest technology. Photodynamic is cold light and could not produce high heat or burn the skin. 

It can transfer light energy into cell inner energy, accelerate the circulation of a cell's growth, and stimulate the fiber of a cell to produce collagen protein. 

It has incredibly positive effects on aging skin, acne skin, macular skin, allergic skin, wrinkled skin and sun-burnt skin; never bringing injury or discomfort to the skin. 

Immediate Blue Benefits for Your Body

Unlike traditional pharmacy treatments or nutritional therapy, where most therapeutic benefit are expelled through the urine and little is absorbed in the cells, this truly is “light hypodermic”, where the light passes through selected vitamins, minerals, herbs, aminos and cell-salts, and goes straight to the bloodstream, interstitial fluids and intracellular fluids of the tissues, and cells.

First, you take a formulated vial, and insert it into the Innerlight Blue Light. You then turn on the unit and direct the biodynamic blue light toward your body as outlined in the Owner’s Manual and/or in consultation with your wellness coach.

The Blue light shining through the vials that contain the specific ingredients that may be of benefit to you, supporting effective relief and long-term recovery.


The LED BLUE LIGHT and the vitamin, mineral, herbal, amino and cell-salt vials work SYNERGYSTICALLY to allow your body to benefit from the harmonics of the ingredients. The power comes from them WORKING TOGETHER in a completely NON-INVASIVE therapeutic way!


Each unit comes with the necessary vials to address, naturally and organically, any physical health issue in your life. For example The BioDynamic Blue Light Halo System vial includes, but is not limited to the following photon frequency benefits:

  • Joint Comfort

  • Normal Response to Infections

  • Lethargy and Sadness

  • Healthy Response to Colds and Flu

  • Maintain Healthy Cholesterol Levels

  • Hair Loss

  • Comfortable Breathing

  • Normal Insulin Regulation

  • Normalizes Allergen Response

  • Supports normal sinus response

  • Bronchial Health

  • Normal Response to Intestinal Parasites

  • Pancreas Support

  • Supports Normal Sleep

  • Antioxidant

  • Supports Normal Blood Pressure

  • Regulates Acetylcholine

  • Normal response to inflammation

  • Comfort with Eczema

  • Helps Relieve Back Discomfort

  • Supports Normal Response to Acne

  • Supports Normal Lyme Disease Response

  • Stimulates Urine Production

  • Supports Normal Blood Pressure

  • Sooths Menstrual Discomfort

  • Kidney Protecting

  • Supports Normal Immune Response to Viruses

  • Increases Flow of Breast Milk in Nursing Mothers

  • Improves Body Tone

  • Relieves head discomfort

  • Supports Normal Response to Candida Albicans

  • Sore Muscles

  • Supports Normal Breathing

  • Post-Traumatic Stress

  • Skin Health

  • Anxiety and Nervous Tension

  • Diarrhea, Indigestion & Heartburn

  • Helps maintain normal Blood Pressure

  • Normal response to Muscle Spasms

  • Supports Normal Response to Fungus

  • Supports Stomach Comfort

  • Faster Burn Recovery

  • Relieves Joint Discomfort

  • Supports Normal Prostate

  • Regeneration of Damaged Cells

  • Calms Nervous System

  • Interferon Inducer

  • Gluconeogenesis Inhibitor

  • Liver Protecting

  • Boosts Immune System Function and Response

  • Helps Fortify and Increase the Elasticity of Blood Vessel Walls

  • Supports Healthy Veins

  • Boosts Functioning of the Metabolic Process

  • Regulates Healthy Fat in the Blood

Innerlight Blue Light is Effective Against Bacteria (MRSA), Yeast (Candida) & Mold (Aspergillus)

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