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  • Uses 5 separate filters to convert your tap water into healthy and delicious alkaline drinking water
  • Removes fluoride, chlorine, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals
  • Removes 99.99% of bacteria
  • Removes algae, parasites, suspended sediment, heavy metals, and many other pollutants
  • Adds energy and minerals to regular water, making you feel more refreshed, hydrated, and energized
  • Reduce health-care and supplement costs.
  • Reduce sick days and time off school/work
  • Concentrated health-supporting Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium on tap.
  • Unlimited supply of antioxidants
  • No more plastic bottles.
  • Proven over thirty years and thousands of users
  • No Electricity, with 2 kind panel for your choice.


    Municipal tap water:


  • Excellent filter system to remove the harmful substances, supplying healthy minerals and trace elements in water.

    1st Filter:

    Further adsorption of chlorine, odor and solid substances, improve the taste

    2nd Filter: 

    Removal of harmful micro-organisms, bacteria, retaining minerals and trace elements needed by the body

    3rd Filter :

    Provide water power to generate small molecules of water, and promote nutrient absorption and metabolism.

    4th Filter :

    Remove the chlorine and fluoride and also the heavy metals in the water, making good taste drinking water

    5th Filter :

    Remove the color, smell, adsorb the organic matter, remove the heavy metals and residual chlorine from the water, further improve the taste of water.

Innerlight Blue Alkaline Filter System - Hydrogen and Antioxidant Water Purifier

  • Mineral alkaline water ionizer
    • Color: White
    • Size: 37*18.5*39.5cm
    • PH: 9.5, ORP:-500mv 
    • Working process: Purify water with 5 cartridge filters 
    • Directly connected faucet 
    • Remove bacteria; smell; soften water, improve taste and alkalize tap water
    • Filter life: 5000 liters of water/ 8-12 months for optimal performance.
    • Warranty: 1 year
    • Certificates: SGS&FDA; SGS; WQA;NSF (KDF, Calgon carbon, Ion exchange resins are made in the USA)