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Multi-Laser  Photn Dynamic Therapy Facial & Neck Mask


Duration: Self-paced

The Innerlight Blue Multi-Laser Photon Dynamic Therapy Light Facial and Neck Mask uses a diode emitting light system technology of the latest generation. The diode emitting lights from the mask follows the kinetic theory. Clinical research has shown that the Innerlight Blue Mulit-Photon Laser Lights reverses inflammatory acne, regenerates aging skin, relieves skin irritation, soothes sun burns and provides comfort.


The Innerlight Blue Multi-Photon Laser Light treatment system generates a high purity of high powered density of red, blue and violet light for irradiation, which uses a continuous or pure light to change cellular structures, eradicate bacteria, stimilulating the production of new skin cellls and restoring the alkaline pH of the skin. The Multi-Photon Laser Light causes the elimination of fibroblasts, enhances collagen production, thickens and restructures the dermal layer structure, forms the ruddy and meticulous elastic skin irritation, is analgesic and excellerates postoperative wound healing.


Mask & Neck Advantages


Duration: 2 weeks

1. The Innerlight Blue Multi-Laser Photon Dynamic Therapy Light System is a phototherapy device which focuses on increased skin tissue synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers, faster healing, younger looking and glowing skin.

2. The Multi-Laser Photon Dynamic Therapy Light System technology generates photons at different frequencies that penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin and connective tissues. Different wavelengths (red, blue and violet light) of light will have different healthy effects on the skin and connective tissues.

3. The Multi-Laser Photon Dynamic Therapy Light System with Multi functions is recommended for improving oily skin, removing marks and excess pigmentation, diminish wrinkles, skin flaccidity, expression lines and orange-peel skin, sagging skin, treating localized adiposity and for whitening the teeth.


Mask Benefits!


Duration: 1 week

The Innerlight Multi-Laser Photon Dynamic Therapy Light Facial and Neck Mask therapy has shown to be effective in the treatment of several aspects of the skin aging. Multiple studies have demonstrated improvement of fine wrinkles, mottled hyperpigmentation, tactile roughness and sallowness. The test results are supported by both collagen production and increased cellular proliferation.


1. Eliminates bacteria that causes brown and red spots and pimples
2. Great alternative to oral medications
3. Prevents breakouts
4. Minimizes scarring
5. Multi-Laser Photon Dynamic Therapy Light Facial and Neck Mask is effective for all skin care treatments.

Innerlight Blue Cold Laser PDT Face & Neck Mask

SKU: 0011
  • Parameters


    Voltage: 110V - 220V
    Light intensity: 1,2,3,4,5
    Light Color: 3 Colors 
    Item Color: White
    Face + Neck Mask N.W : 750g
    Face + Neck Mask G.W : 1.9Kg
    Face Mask Size : 20 x 23 x 1.5cm
    Neck Mask : 15 x 11 x 1.5cm
    Package Size: 28 x 25 x 18cm
    Warranty: One Year