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Innerlight Blue MULTI 7Light Therapy

Customized MULIT-LIGHT LED PDT Therapy


Brief Introduction

The Innerlight Blue Multi 7 Light LED Photon Dynamic Therapy has shown to be effective in the treatment of several aspects of skin aging. Multiple studies have demonstrated improvement of fine wrinkles, mottled hyperpigmentation, tactile roughness and shallowness. The research results are supported by both collagen production and increased cellular proliferation.


Seven LED Photon Dynamic Therapy Light Colors 

Innerlight Blue Multi 7 LED PDT Light Therapy contains 7 different colored LED therapy lights to support and reverse several different health challenges of the skin, hair, glands and organs. The Innerlight Blue Multi 7 Light includes Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Cyan, Violet/Purple and full-spectrum White light. Total of 287 multi-colored LED lights.


1)  InnerLight Blue RED LIGHT 640nm

The Innerlight Blue Blue Light will stimulate the growth of collagen. Collagen is an essential protein that the body uses to repair damaged tissues and to repair old tissues. It can also remove fine line and shrink enlarged pores.


2)  InnerLight Blue BLUE LIGHT 423nm

The Innerlight Blue Blue light will attack PP-9, producing singlet oxygen. This form of oxygen is very toxic to the acne bacteria that causes acne, therefore decreasing acne drastically with minimal downtime.


3)  InnerLight Blue GREEN LIGHT 532nm

The InnerLight Blue Green light can balance the skin color pigment, and reduce fine lines, improve aging skin, speed up the healing process of wounds and lighten the skin.


4)  InnerLight Blue YELLOW LIGHT 583nm

The Innerlight Blue Yellow Light has a special 583nm wavelength for improving the exchange of oxygen in the cells, replenishing needed cellular energy, decomposing brown pigment, promoting lymphatic drainage, improving and eliminating wrinkles and rough skin.


5)  Innerlight Blue VIOLET/PURPLELIGHT 365nm

The Innerlight Blue Violet/Purple Light combines the red light and the blue light, which has two phototherapy effectives. Particularly it has a good effect on eliminating acne,


6)  Innerlight Blue CYANLIGHT 505nm 

Innerlight Blue Cyan Light can enhance cellular energy gradually, and has a good metabolic facilitating effect.


7)  Innerlight Blue WHITE LIGHT 8000K

Innerlight Blue White Light  can deeply penetrate the skin, accelerating the tissue metabolism, decomposition dark color spots, improve the appearance of fine lines and imporve the over-all skin appearance.

Innerlight Blue Photon Dynamic Therapy (PDT) Light System uses 287 high output multi-light LEDs or Light Emitting Diodes.


The biodynmaics of the Innerlight Blue LED PDT 287 Multi-Light unit is a multi-light delivery system; the PDT of this multi-light therapy is in the wavelength and biochemistry for ALL living things.



a. Easy to operate with full touch screen (7 programs included).

b. Maximum Power Control Program - 30 minutes.

c. Smart design to place the handles on the case.

d. Non-invasive treatment and totally safe.

e. Frequency adjustable on the screen to re-adjust the handle.

f. Electro-stimulation treatment Included.




1)  Innerlight Blue REDLIGHT wavelength 640mm

The Innerlight Blue Red LED light works like a laser, targeting cells beneath the skin’s surface and stimulating them so that they produce new collagen and fight off breakout causing bacteria.

  • Revitalize skin cell
  • Accelerate blood circulation
  • Relieve acne scars
  • Atopy, athlete’s foot, psoriasis
  • Pain relief
  • Activation of the lymphatics system
  • Removal of metabolic and dietary acids in the interstitial fluids


2)  Innerlight Blue BLUELIGHT wavelength 423mm

The Innerlight Blue BLUE LIGHT attacks PP-9, producing singlet oxygen. This form of oxygen is very toxic to the acne bacteria that causes acne, therefore decreasing acne drastically with minimal downtime.

  • Sterilization of acne bacteria
  • Control of sebaceous glands
  • Prevent inflammation of the wound
  • Calming effect on the skin trouble
  • Eradicaiton of MRSA bacteria
  • Eradication of Y-form yeast like candida albicans


3)  Innerlight Blue GREENLIGHT wavelength 532mm

The Innerlight Blue Green PDT Light affects the melanocytes (the cells that produce the melanin, which is the pigmentation in the bottom layer of the epidermis), reducing its production. Over time, spots simply fade away for a rejuvenated and even more complexion.

  • Calming effects
  • Apply on sensitive skin
  • Relaxation of mind and body


4)  Innerlight Blue YELLOWLIGHT wavelength 583mm

The Innerlight Blue Yellow PDT  light is effective in the treatment of skin issues involving redness, such as spider veins and is an ideal therapy for sensitive skin.

  • Red spots and blushing treatment
  • Suitable for blushing facial type
  • Pigment lesion
  • Stretch marks
  • Scar elimination


Innerlight Blue Multi-Light Photon Dynamic Therapy

SKU: 0004
  • Innerlight Blue Omega LED-Multi 4 is a four color photon dynamic therapy LED system with 287 LED lights. The wave includes green, blue, red and yellow

    Omega Light LED Theray System
    LED Photon: Red,Blue,Green,Yellow for options
    Wavelength: Red 640nm Blue 423nm
    Green 532nm Yellow 583nm
    Input: AC100-240V
    Output: DC12V/3A
    Power: 32W
    Unit size: 48*23.2*30.5cm
    Color box size: 56*29*30.5cm
    Net Weight: 2.29kgs/pc Gross Weight: 5kgs